Kid's Zone

This September, the stands at the 2010 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships will be filled with up to 10,000 kids from local schools. The students in the Wheelchair Rugby Schools Program will be learning about wheelchair rugby and even trying out the sport when our demo team comes to visit.

Even if your school isn’t involved, however, you can still take part. Test your wheelchair rugby knowledge with our Kids Zone Quiz, meet our Junior Reporters and get to know the athletes at the 2010 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships.

The Kids Zone Quiz

We’ve put together the ultimate wheelchair rugby quiz. It’s so tough that even some adults can’t handle it. How well will you do?

Meet Our Junior Reporters

Meet Mackenzie and Noah, our Wheelchair Sports Junior Reporters. They’ve interviewed athletes to find the answers to all those questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Got a question that you think Mackenzie and Noah should ask? Send them an email.

Meet the Demo Team

Is the wheelchair rugby demo team coming to your school? Meet some of the athletes.

Meet the Athletes

Hundreds of athletes will be coming to Richmond, BC for the 2010 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships. Get to know them all on the team pages. You can even watch video interviews and see the athletes in action.

Watch Wheelchair Rugby

See all the highlights of this fast-paced, hard-hitting sport by watching clips from previous tournaments.