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The City of Richmond
Richmond Olympic Oval

6111 River Road
Richmond, BC V7C 0A2


The Richmond Olympic Oval is located along the banks of the Fraser River in Richmond. It punctuates the landscape and serves as an iconic landmark with high visibility and exceptional aesthetic appeal. Approximately 33,740 square metres (363,000 square feet) in size and capable of hosting events for thousands of people, it is a spectacular waterfront venue.

Venue Features

  • two competition courts
  • practice / warm-up area
  • team rooms
  • on-site chair storage
  • within wheeling distance of the host hotel

Richmond is a rapidly growing city composed of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural areas spread over 17 islands on the Pacific Coast of British Columbia, Canada.  Located in the mouth of the Fraser River, with a breathtaking mountain backdrop, Richmond is in close proximity to both downtown Vancouver and the United States.

As the home of Vancouver International Airport, Richmond represents a major transportation centre and premier gateway between North America and Asia.  In addition to the airport, two seaports, two railway lines and two major freeways connect the city to its immediate neighbours and the world.

Richmond enjoys a temperate climate and receives 30% less rain than Vancouver.  Over half of the city’s total area is composed of farmland, parkland and natural areas, featuring 100 parks totaling 1400 acres, with an additional 200 acres of recreational trails.  Through its rapid development, the City of Richmond works hard to preserve this natural beauty and heritage.

Richmond is populated by a multi-ethnic mix of 188,000 people, of which 60% are of Chinese or South Asian descent.  In 2007, Statscan reported that Richmond residents enjoy the greatest life expectancy in all of Canada, with the lowest smoking and obesity rates in the country. The economy supports over 100,000 jobs in various sectors such as retailing, airport services, fishing, government, and high-tech industries.

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