Andy Barrow: Game One!

Today was our first game of the Championships against host team, Canada. A good crowd assembled inside the Richmond Oval as both teams completed their warm up. Shortly before the game, a ceremonial tip-off took place between GB’s captain, Steve Palmer and his Canadian counterpart, Garett Hickling. With all the formalities complete, it was finally game time!


Andy Barrow: 2010WWRC First Impressions!

This is the first of the reports that I’ll write from the World Championships in Vancouver. Obviously this is a very busy time for me so I don’t know how long or frequent these posts will be, but I’ll do my best to keep you up to date on our progress here in Canada.

Andy Barrow: A Week to Wait!

As an athlete, I train all year round. I endure the long, boring conditioning blocks throughout the winter. I get caught up and dragged along by the hectic playing schedule of the spring. I search for that last ten percent with my GB teammates all summer. Then, one day I wake up and notice that there’s a slight chill in the air, or that it’s beginning to get dark earlier again. And that’s when I know that it’s time to go to work again!

Travis Murao: Home Court Advantage

As we're heading into the home stretch of our preparations for the World Championships a lot of friends and family have asked about the "home court advantage" factor. They wonder if it will add more pressure, or pump us up to perform even better.

Andy Barrow: Two Years to Go!

Apologies for the lateness of the post but it’s a busy time for the team right now. All this week we’ve been at a preparation camp in Bath, put on by “Paralympics GB." Rugby is just one of many sports attending the camp which is designed to simulate the atmosphere of a multisport holding camp. A “holding camp” is a place where an entire Paralympic team will gather directly before a major event (such as London 2012) to acclimatize and prepare for their specific events.

Andy Barrow: Hot and Tired

09 Aug 2010 18:26

I’ve left it a while since my last blog entry. Call it a summer break if you will, but the truth is that not much has been happening on the playing side of things now that the season is over. That’s not to say that I haven’t been working! For the last month, the Worlds squad has been training hard ahead of our main pre-tournament camp in a couple of weeks’ time.

Travis Murao: What to Expect From the Teams at the 2010WWRC - The Final Chapter: Belgium and the USA

In our final edition of our series, we will look at Belgium and the top-ranked USA!

Belgium is a veteran team with a core of seasoned rugby players who have seen a lot of international action. As such, they can be a difficult team to play, especially if you get off to a slow start.

Some players to watch are:

Travis Murao: What to Expect From the Teams at the 2010WWRC Part 4: New Zealand and Australia

In this special, double-edition of our series we'll travel to the southern hemisphere to take a look at Australia and New Zealand!

Australia is currently the #2-ranked team in the world for good reason. They have arguably the best player in the game today on their roster and Coach Brad Dubberley always has them ready to perform at their best. Look for Australia to keep the ball on the ground in Ryley Batt's hands.

Travis Murao: What to Expect from the Teams at the 2010WWRC Part Trois: Japan

This edition of our series focuses on one of the speediest teams in the world. . .Japan! They are currently ranked #7 overall and have given many of the top teams in the world some close games. Japan is a good dark-horse pick to knock off one of the top-seeded teams to get a medal.

Some players to watch are:

Travis Murao: What to Expect From the Teams at the 2010WWRC Part Deux: Sweden

We will continue our journey of discovery with the #6-ranked team in the world, team Sweden. The Swedes are an up-and-coming team with a lot of relatively new faces to the international wheelchair rugby scene. They are characterized by their high-functioning and speedy high-pointers and they have been constantly improving under the tutelage of Bocci sensation Marco Dispaltro.

Some players to watch are:

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